Face Down Support Equipment

Our face Down support equipment package includes facedown seated support, face support and accessories.

Face Down Support - Seated-Support™ System - "The DayTimer"

Seated-Support™ System – “The DayTimer”

The Seated Support™ system* from Oakworks© is Vitrectomy Solutions’ most popular choice for daytime facedown recovery, providing endless options for daily living. *For your maximum comfort, different sizes available!

Face Down Support - Face-Support™ System – “The NightTimer”

Face Support Face-Support™ System – “The NightTimer”

The Face Support™ system from Oakworks© is Vitrectomy Solutions’ most versatile, portable and easy way to successfully comply with facedown recovery, both asleep and awake.

Face Down Support Equipment


The Majic View Mirror, Flannel Face Cradle Covers, Interchangeable Memory Foam cushions, Instructional Video